Dave Matthews might be a better leader than musician.

Last week I was watching the Dave Matthews Band on Austin City Limits on PBS.  As always, it was an incredible performance.  Personally, I've never shelled out the money to see them live in concert, but I've heard from others that its one of the best. They interviewed Dave Matthews following the concert and what he said was fascinating.  This might be the most powerful conversation on leadership I have ever heard.

If your strapped for time, fast forward to the two minute mark and listen to what he says about his team.

Check out the Interview by clicking this link.

I hope you were able to listen from at least the two minute mark to the seven minute mark, because this is what I heard:

1.  Each individual on the team has a gift that makes the team better.

2.  Team members have the voice to say, "I think we need to do this, instead of that."

3.  The only time Dave took credit for anything was when he said, "I take the blame for that, that's my fault." (Our boy Jim Collins refers to this as a Level five Leader in Good to Great)

4.  Deadlines negatively impacted their creativity.  Their success was greater when they had the freedom and space to be creative as possible.  (How do you eat a elephant?  One bite at a time.)

As I watched this video I was thinking, "No wonder they are so good at what they do.  The leader of the band looked for the most gifted people and then gave them authority to create."  Do you?