Spitting truth like Keurig

Keurig coffee machines are a perfect example of the cultural shift that many leaders are struggling with but they can't quite understand. We are purchasing a coffee maker that can cost over $200 so that we can have a cup of coffee made specifically for us. Which is kind of funny when you think about someone purchasing multiple little brew cups (called K-Cups) just to brew their favorite coffee. All the same flavor. All the same cups. Over and over again. The point of the Keurig coffee machine is I want MY own cup and I want it now! The movement of instant, especially in information because of the internet, is now being transfered to lots of other spaces in our lives where we expect individualized experience. Including coffee. Including calling. Including mission.

Are leaders capable of meeting the demand for experiences to be right now, created just for the individual, and repeatable whenever someone is looking for involvement? How do you keep tribe members when they actually care, they just need to get in and get out? How does your business or organization meet these demands?

The good news is that you don't have to become like the Keurig machine and neither does your business or organization. But what we do have to do to share stories in the same way a Keurig dispenses coffee. If every organization began to share its stories as if they were K-Cups this cultural shift would not be as challenging. You're really in trouble if you think the same story on a flyer printed once a year is enough. Social Networks and blogs allow you to meet the needs of the Keurig generation without you having to give up any core values.

Have you served up anything to your patrons today? What are you sharing?