Relax, you're as famous as an Elvis impersonator

Sometimes when I first tell someone they should start a blog I can see fear overtaking them.  First comes the blank facial expression, then the stuttering, and then the worrying about self promotion.  

I compare it to an Elvis impersonator, like our boy pictured above, who believes he has the exact same fan following as Elvis.  He says "Uh-huh" just right, "You ain't nothing but a hound dog" with that southern draw, and he can work the eyebrow.  After all, he's Elvis.  Wrong, he just has a pair of sideburns, but in his mind, he has as many fans and as much pressure on him as the actual Elvis. 

Just because you decide to write a blog  on the internet, doesn't mean all 6.8 billion people will read your blog.  Just like being an Elvis impersonator doesn't mean you have the same amount of fans as the real Elvis.  To be honest, your friends probably won't even read your blog.  So, remind me again why you feel so much pressure about writing a blog?  

Calm down there sideburns.

A blog should be a self expression of your creativity and interest, not a popularity contest.  So relax, you're not famous.  Have fun writing, or vlogging (video blog), or taking pictures...whatever it is you love to do.