Put your favorite business or non-profit on notice

There is a dynamic shift happening in our culture that equates to what businesses and non-profits we support.  And this shift is directly related to the impact social media is having on our culture in the sense of what we see and how it makes us feel. Generosity is the most powerful marketing tool of the future.

Don't believe me?  How do you feel after you watch this?


(Can't see the video?  Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIEIvi2MuEk#t=260)

I want to fly on West Jet too.

In my last post I wrote how generosity is the secret weapon you and I have to change the lives of others.  But I tell you what, generosity is becoming the determining factor to where we give our money as well as where we spend it.  Which feels a little backwards since most non-profits are a service to those who can't pay for the service.  But we are seeing a difference between charity and generosity.

Charity, as I think of it is something we give to because we know the end in mind.  We believe in the service and know the results that come from the service.  Generosity is much the same except it is a life style. People choose charities out of the spirit of generosity.  So the question beckons, does your favorite non-profit or business have a generous spirit?

Now, I'm pressing some buttons because I'm using the word "spirit" with something that isn't alive.  But non-profits and businesses are full of people and because of these people a culture exists.  So again I ask, does your non-profit or business have a culture of generosity.  If the answer is no, it's going to be difficult to exist in the time to come.  Just ask West Jet.

How can a non-profit or business be generous outside the services it was created for?  Here's three ideas!

  • Share the secret sauce - Instead of holding the cards close to where success came from, share the wisdom.  If this scares you, you've probably stopped innovating.  Innovators are always needed.
  • One WOW a year - Make it a goal to wow one group of people a year.  Much like the West Jet video you can see how wowing one group of people led to how many others being "wow'd" even though we didn't get anything.  We felt it when Oprah gave away cars.  We feel it when "Ellen" gives a stranger a large amount of cash for catching them doing something right.
  • Match the people - Be on the look out for people in your culture who are generous and match them.  More than likely you have people already sacrificing a great deal to help someone else.  Get behind what they are doing and make it bigger!

Put your favorite non-profit or business on notice, they have to be more generous.  And don't just tell them, get involved.  Help them, ie. be generous to them so they can be generous and be successful.  It's not that non-profit leaders or business leaders don't want to be generous, there is just so much daily work required to reach the vision that the emotional energy is hard to dial up around being EXTRA generous.  So don't sit and watch, get up and help them succeed in this next phase of our culture!