Participation required

Let's continue our dialog on millennials leading millennials... P= Participation

Leaders could use some improvement when it comes to leading people under the age of 28.  Some times we confuse leadership as being the key decision maker.  There are situations that need leaders to make the final decision,  but, if you are leading millennials, it's criitical that you provide them space to PARTICIPATE in the conversation.

The place we miss adding participation the most is IN TRAINING.

[youtube yT3IYkkWYiQ]

If you're training millennials without giving them plenty of space for participation, you're failing at training.  We've  confused participation as being too much work or too high of risk, when participation to this generation IS the manual.  Unlike any other generation before them, there is not a piece of information that they can't find online.

[youtube S9LqnowYVQE]

The downfall of training is that there is a manual.  Once it's written we never want to change.  It defines and traps us.  We want everything, "By the book."

Perfect example: I just bought a used car that didn't have the manual with it.  I downloaded the manual off of the website and have it on my iPad and iPhone.  Do I have THE manual?  No.  Do I have a manual?  Yes.