My experience with a future teller.

I can't say that I've ever made a visit to a professional fortune teller.  At an early age, I learned from Scooby and the gang that they were bogus. Trust me on this one, turn the video off after 25 seconds or you might pass out from repetitive brain waste. [youtube 40lcKC39rHc]

However, I have had my future told...a couple people who really love me and care for me.  The first time, and probably the most meaningful time, was in the car with a friend who had invested a lot of relational energy in me.  He said these words, "I could see you being a leader." That was it. That was all it took to set me in a direction of becoming a leader.  Someone I admired saw something in me and called it out.

Are you a future teller?  I've noticed that people who lead smaller teams are better at this than people with larger teams.  They seem more focused on the lives they affect, whereas organizational leaders tend to measure numbers to evaluate impact.  Once you measure by numbers, your vision casting becomes boxed in by them-small and confined. But those on the ground floor, the ones who experience and interact with impacted lives, can cast real vision into the people they lead and care about.  Life changing kind of vision.  For a large organization to experience this kind of change, it has to begin with one person, and then another, and another.  All on the ground level.

Organizational leaders, you have to get out of your office and more involved with at least one person's life who's doing the work at ground level.  You have to be close enough to see a gift or an ability that can better the organization and call it out!  "I could see you _________"  And if you are leading those who are right at the ground level, see yourself as a future teller.  Future telling might be the most important role you have at the ground level.  Don't be afraid to tell someone that they are better at something than you are!