Maybe you should consider doing a podcast?

I have an issue. I'm addicted to podcasts.  I know, it's not as dramatic as you hoped.  I might as well said I'm addicted to lettuce.  But hear me out (no podcast pun intended...okay, maybe it was).

I am learning so much through podcasts.  I think the most under utilized training tool on the planet is the podcast.  I can run an errand and learn something.  Plus I don't have to listen to commercials, which interrupt my train of thought!  Here are some of the podcasts I subscribe too and LOVE!

48 Days to the Job you Love hosted by Dan Miller

The Unofficial Linchpin by Seth Godin Podcast, hosted by Andy Traub

The EntreLeadership Podcast by Dave Ramsey hosted by Chris LoCurto

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast hosted by Andy Stanley

The Podcast Answer Man hosted by Cliff Ravenscraft

In the Loop with Andy Andrews hosted by Andy Traub (Notice Andy Traub has made the list twice.  Can one man feel like another man's voice is soothing like a stream in the mountains?  Not...that...I...feel...).

So what about you?  Have you thought about jumping in and contributing?  Are you looking for a better way to lead, influence, or train?  Podcasting could be your best route to be a more effective leader.

Here is where I learned the basics from the legend of Podcasting, Cliff Ravenscraft.

Do you have a favorite podcast?  Share it below!