Loving God changes your leadership

When we identify ourselves with Jesus Christ there has to be a reflection of Him in our leadership regardless of our profession.  

Here are a couple of reasons why loving Jesus changes everything in leadership.

  • We are never complete - We are reminded that Jesus is carrying on the work to completion instead of us forcing ourselves to be complete.  This self perspective allows us to view others through the same lens, they are works in progress.  Since we have experienced spiritual growth ourselves we leave space for those we lead and care for to also experience spiritual growth.
  • Failure is an option - The worst place to work is an environment that lacks grace.  If everyone you lead is terrified to fail then imagination is being stifled and risk is being minimized.  You can't expect people to hit home runs when they don't have permission to swing for the fences.  Grace is to the Christ follower as the spine is to the human body, without it we can't stand and we certainly can't move a new direction.  
  • Operating through thanks - Out of thanks to God we seek gain for God's people instead of our own gain.  Out of a thankful heart we desire to share God's love, His compassion, His fellowship, and His mercy.  Leaders that our thankful for these things desire to share them with others.
  • Give generously - Christ following leaders do not seek praise for themselves, instead they seek praise for God.  This allows leaders to give generously because we desire it to be a blessing from God and not the work of our own hands, it was never about us in the first place.  If it's not about you, what do you have to lose in being over generous?

How else does loving God change your leadership?

Photo credit to Leah Gregg