Like the river...only better: Meet Jordan

If you ask any leader who enjoys leading "What makes leading enjoyable?" Most leaders will say it is because of the people they are leading with. When I look around the organization I work for I think, "this is a place where I don't belong, these people are far better at this than me." So I thought that you should know these people and I want to start introducing them to you.

Meet Jordan.

Jordan is the youngest person I have ever asked to lead a team. As a sophomore in college Jordan took on leading a team of his peers. Not an easy challenge. Leading is difficult in itself, leading your peers is an even bigger challenge.

Jordan was the first person I met that was emphatic about wearing TOMS and the mission of TOMS shoes. But that's Jordan, giving is part of his nature. Unlike a lot of his generation, he is willing to risk and willing to fail but I can't remember a time he failed. So let's give it up for Jordan! If the next generation of leaders is like Jordan, we are all in for some fun.

You can follow Jordan on Twitter here!