Let's work on your core

You didn't seriously think I was talking about this... [youtube -bPJkIBXoJ0]

How many times did that guy admire himself?

When our own appearance supersedes what we are doing in others, there's a problem and you've misunderstood the concept of coaching. Telling someone to "watch me" is one thing, but telling someone to "become me" is just bad leadership. People get frustrated and burnt out when they are forced to fit a mold. Models are good for casting vision but they aren't very helpful as a standard.

Every leader needs to be developing a core team of people. HAVE TO. Compromising on this will result in a smaller impact for your entire organization. So what principles are important when developing a core group of people? Here's a few:

1. Identify transformable people - Leading people who have no desire to have an impact is exhausting. You want to teach the teachable or you're just wasting resources.

2. Bring transformable people behind the curtain - The challenge of moving up in leadership is that you get exposed to several things you never knew existed. The core group of people need to be exposed a little bit at a time or they can become overwhelmed by the challenge.

3. Use teachable moments - A team leader has to step back and not get caught up in the "now". Instead, have a system of keeping notes (I use Evernote because it looks like I am texting when I am actually taking notes, which has become normal in social environments). Later, make sure to follow up with the person and have a conversation about these moments.

4. Have personal time - To develop a core group of people every member of the core needs to have personal time with you. They need feedback, encouragement, and coaching. We shouldn't send leaders out to a challenge without already planning a follow up time. Core people stick around because of relationship, then the mission.

What other advice would you have for developing a core group of leadership?