Please leave that child behind

The problem with management is that everything is measured by the least performing _______________.  Could be an employee.  Could be attendance.  Could be a student.  Could be you.  At what point did the Western culture get more addicted to the caboose (last car on a train).

and forget about the engine (what drives the train)?

Teams are no different than trains.  To every team there is an engine and a caboose.  The stronger the engine the stronger the entire train if everything is linked together.  The caboose is the caboose, it's along for the ride anyway.  Can you pep talk the caboose?  Can you encourage the caboose to pick it up?  Can you drop a hemi in the caboose and expect it to now push the train?  Then why do we do that with teams?  Focus on strengths, including strong people!  Encourage the strong people to bring someone with them instead of spending all your leadership energy trying to get the caboose to become an engine.

I have this fear that a train professional is going to blow this post up.