Leaders who kick in the junk

As a leader, how do you get your teams attention? You could try this.

I've known leaders who think the best way to get their teams attention is to kick them between the metaphorical legs.  You probably know a leader who believes that pain is the single greatest motivational tool, you might even be a receiver of a good strong kick.  I want to look at these leaders and break out a little Dr. Phil on them, "How's that working for you?"

Time out: I just had to put this up.  If you are a fan of awkward, enjoy this Phil McGraw highlight.

[youtube 15fXhJG7JdM]

Back on topic: Leaders who like to kick people in the metaphorical junk.

Most leaders that decide to take this action are themselves threatened in some way.  When has this leadership tactic worked?  War.  I believe the war strategy is, "Hit them where it hurts the most."  When has this leadership tactic not worked?  Everything else.  I guess if you're a leader and you want to declare war, inflict some pain.  If you're a leader who wants people to be successful and gain momentum come along side your team, show them how to change, watch them do it, and offer feedback.  People want to be part of something significant and rewarding not painful and bruising.