Is Michael Scott a hero?

Do you know what the most important thing to give your team is? [youtube oYoQzLVgN84]


The average young leader would think the answer is me, "My team needs me. They need my wisdom. They need my authority. They need my opinion."

The first and most important thing that your team needs is time. They need time to be together. They need time to be creative. They need time to do what they have volunteered for or been hired to do. They need time where you sit and listen. They need time to pray. They need time in stillness. They need time to voice concerns.

We make the mistake of thinking our wisdom is what will maximize our people's talents and time, but in reality, it is the process of learning and applying what they've learned that will maximize their experience and contribution as an individual and team member. Your opinion doesn't make you a hero, but I guarantee listening will.