Interaction with Satan's helper

Ever had a moment in life where you were wondering if you became the Mayor of Crazytown?  I had this experience when I had named my own price for a hotel and got a pretty good deal on a three and half star hotel. There was a downside to being the cheap guy at the expensive hotel: before I could get my stuff out of the car a young man was outside my window anticipating to get my bags. In other words, he was planning on getting paid through a handsome tip by helping with my stuff. There was bad news for that guy, I literally don't carry cash. I just don't, I carry my debit card and my business purchasing card, that's it. Let's fast forward to checking out because this is when the trouble really started. I went down to the lobby and grabbed one of those luggage carts that hotels have. I'm about to get on the elevator and one of those guys in the full red suits steps out of the elevator. I'm not talking Santa's helpers, more like Satan's helper. (This is not him, just a poor victim of a google image search)

He looks at me and my luggage cart with disdain as if I slapped his mother. Here's our conversation:

Satan's helper: Sir, are you checking out? Me: (Looking at my cart and then looking at him with a "No, I have a addiction to pushing luggage carts around hotels" face) Planning on it. Satan's helper: I'll bring that up sir. Me: No, it's okay, I can handle it. Satan's helper: No sir you don't understand, we are a FULL SERVICE hotel. The luggage carts are for employees only.

This is the place where Brad losses his cool.

Me: Oh, in that case take your freaking luggage cart. Satan's helper: (Looking astonished) Are you serious? Me: Yep, you go do your thing and I'll go do mine. So there, ya go. Satan's helper: I'm sorry...

I've already walked off from Satan's helper and closed the door of the elevator as he's mid-sentence. As I make my trips to the car with luggage I just stare at him as I walk through the hotel lobby until he avoids eye contact due to fear of me throwing some Samsonite at him.

Here's the issue: One can't declare being a FULL SERVICE without SERVING!  If the reward is your SOLE purpose in service, you're taking not serving. Satan's helper would have served me by asking if I wanted his help and then moving on to my request of "No thanks."

Is this what you do with people?  Are you calling yourself a servant leader but only focused on the end result?  If we train people to produce service instead of results we have an entirely different spirit about our community.  If the only thing you focus on is the product, reward, or revenue then people recognize they are a means to an end when they should be the most significant product, reward, or revenue that leaders have!