How your non-profit can make a huge leap forward

Let's say you had 30 days to attempt radical new things for your non-profit to keep going. What would you do? (I really would like to hear what you would do in the comments)

Maybe we can learn from a couple of other organizations that are doing new things to make sure they are prepared for the future and one idea I'd like to throw in!

1. Hire a Chief Story Teller - No one is doing this better than Compassion International ( I wrote about this before but their work with Shaun Groves is inspiring and I find it quite genius. Shaun leads a group of people known as the Compassion Bloggers. They are witnessing the impact of Compassion and sharing them on a broader framework than Compassion's own platform. Stories are critical in the modern era of non-profit work. Donors need more than the "what", they need the "why". Plus, they need to be reminded often. Great story telling leads to increased involvement.

2. Build an App - Youth for Christ has set the bar pretty high on this one. As an encouragement to their thousands of volunteers they built an app that not only brings them tools and resources but it also provides...guess what...stories! The app features blogs written by worker within their organization. Mobile use has already exceeded computer use. At this point not having an app is like saying, "Yes, we know you have a need but we would like you to keep quite and just keep working."

3. Create a podcast show - This is my idea. Find someone who has "the gift of gab" amongst those who do the job the organization stands on. They have to be close to the every day work the organization is intended to do. Find that person and have them create a podcast show designed for employees and volunteers. This would flip the former way of training through educational techniques on it's head. So most organizations will avoid this because they are fearful of changing their system. However, the ability to connect with the laborers would move to an all time high. The "host" could take questions or get feedback training needed and discuss it on the next podcast episode. I'm telling you, this would be HUGE within most non-profit organizations, especially large ones.

As the number of non-profits continue to increase the competition for support will also increase. What are you doing now to prepare for the most competitive times ahead of us?