How to break a man's spirit

There is not a person who doesn't want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Something that when they participate in it it doesn't feel like work, instead it feels like meaning.  The goal of leadership shouldn't be to break a man's spirit but instead engage it.  Yet, there are organizations and leaders that are looking to break the spirit of their men, like breaking a horse so that it always stays within the pin doing exactly what it's told. Here are some sure fire ways to break the spirit of a man:


1.  Don't ever tell him he has what it takes, tell him he is incapable.

2.  Don't ever tell him you are proud of him when you see him do something right.

3.  Make sure he understands he is weak.

4.  Help him understand he could never attract nor keep anything beautiful.

5.  Don't ever ask him to do challenging work.


The greatest way to break the spirit of a man is to never say anything to him, just let him figure it out.  Not saying anything let's him know you're not invested anyway.

With that being said, do the opposite of these things and raise up a man who will not only succeed but he will change other men.