How I'm dealing with failure, how do you deal with it?

Looking at failure is not fun.  I had to do that yesterday.  I had to look at place that I failed.   What's been your response to failure?

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 My personality is not one to sit and sulk.  I tend to fall into the "I'll hit the next pitch" category.  Yesterday was hard though because I had to look at data showing 10 years of failure.  One could say I've swung at a lot of pitches without hitting anything.  

Looking at this information made me think a couple things:

1.  Why in the world am I still doing this?

2.   How many people know I suck at this?

3.  What do my peers think of my failure?

4.  I'm not helping, I'm actually hindering.  

Well hey there Mr. Sabotage, how are you?

Do you feel these things in failure?  

Wait.  Am I the only person who fails?  

Failure wants to take residency on your business card.  It would take off your name and fill that space.  Is there a failure you have let replace your name?  Has a failure become your identity?

Well it's not.  It's not my identity and it's not your identity.  I'm going to keep attacking the place I fail, I'm going to get all Onyx on that failure and slam.  But I won't do it alone.  Neither should you.  Seek help.  Keep battling.

A leadership reminder: Your team watches you fail.  Acknowledge it.  Give them an opportunity to take a crack at it.  Your team is probably the answer.  If you have a team member failing come along side them.  Help them process what's going on in their heart and how they can keep swinging.

As I've said here before, the only true failure is quitting.  Let the boys be boys (Again with another Onyx slam reference).

What has helped you resist turning failure into your identity?  People want to hear from you so please leave part of your story below!