How blogging can add value to your life

A very small percentage of leaders I know blog. Although all of them have something to contribute few are able to because of time constraints. When a leader decides not to blog who is getting cheated? The reader or the leader?

For years I didn't look at blogs. I thought the only men blogging were sports writers. But then Twitter introduced me to blog authors I didn't know were out there. John C. Maxwell was blogging! Few books have had a impact on my leadership style more than 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Soon after I began to hear about Seth Godin and started to read his books. Tribes was an eye opener and it changed my view on blogs from tools of self promotion to tools that challenged personal ideas.

I believe leaders are cheated by not blogging. Blogging forces me to think. It forces me to be creative. It forces me to think about relationships. It forces me to view the horizon and see what's coming next. My blog has taught me how to share ideas with clarity. My blog forces me to ship, to not wait or put off. Blogging has also allowed me to network with other leaders outside of my personal and professional life. As you can see, blogging has added a tremendous amount of value to my life as a leader.

So don't write to be read, write to challenge yourself. Write to become a better leader. Write to become a leader better at sharing ideas.

What keeps you from blogging? Or what have you gained by blogging?

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