Hiding from Twitter

"I'm technologically challenged." That comment is maybe the most lame comment leaders hide behind. Bad news leaders, people can see that it's a crappy hiding place.

You're not challenged, you just don't want to do the work.

I get frustrated with leaders who refuse to engage a social media strategy simply because they have a system or a way they don't want to change. On a daily basis leaders challenge followers to change. That's practically all we do is try to lead people to do something that at one point they were incapable or ignorant of the correct way to accomplish something.

Here are five reasons why leaders should work on their social network platform:

1. It provides a place to share resources outside the normal sphere of the organization or team - The way people get information is now dominated by internet resources. The internet is the new medium in information sharing.

2. It can engage your team at an even higher level - As John C. Maxwell has reminded us, people buy into a leader before they buy into that leaders vision. Social network is a way to share dreams, hopes, celebrations, and passions.

3. It can make big things small - If your organization is global a social network can connect people all over the world in a single place to share resources and be exposed to a single vision.

4. Develop trust - When your team sees that you are tweeting about spending time with other people or you're investing energy into the same thing as the team they feel like you are shoulder to shoulder instead of just calling the shots.

5. Celebrate people/accomplishments - Daniel Pink has shared with us that there is a new motivator among people: the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And a social network can be a place to demonstrate belief in your people! An opportunity to tell the world that this person embodies the vision of the organization. Do you get it!? It's the chance to catch people doing right!

Leaders, don't wait. Don't wait to develop a social network strategy. We are just on the cusp of how social networking is changing the way we relate to our visions and our organizations!

How has social networking affected the way you lead?