Here are some great people!

Are you ready to meet some great people who will rock your face to next week?

Let's go from left to right by faces: Jessica, Zach, Lauren, Shane, David, Jordan, Christine, Anthony, Carly, Nathan (or as we call him Nay Nay or DJ Nah Nah), Melissa, and Kinnon.

These people are great leaders.  They would probably say they want to be great leaders but I think they are great leaders.  I say this because even the very best leaders are always in process.  All but one is a volunteer leader.  We've been talking all semester about the difference between volunteers and leaders and how one becomes a volunteer-LEADER.  The biggest difference betwen a volunteer and a leader is that a volunteer measures the time spent volunteering, like the movie Role Models ("will you sign my time card?").

[youtube IF1tk5PFDYY]

However, leaders set measurable goals within a certain amount of time.  See the difference?

Do you have a desire to be a great leader?  Measure goals and not just the time your spend volunteering.