Grilled pears

Grilled fruit might surprise you.  There are a couple of fruits that become even sweeter on the grill.  Pineapple.  Peaches.  And yes, pears.  If you have been to speciality hamburger restaurant you might have noticed a burger with grilled pears.  Not that you have to put the grilled pears on a burger, they are equally fantastic as a dessert. So here we go.

Start off with some perfectly ripened pears.

Cut up the pears.

Just before grilling the pears I added Agave Nectar (or honey) on top of the pears so that the sugar would crystalize to add nice grill marks.

Take the pears and put them down on the grill with the skin up.

Let them set on the grill until you see the edges start to bubble then take the pears off.  You should get something like this:

I added a little more Agave Nectar on top just before serving.  Then I took a slice and put it on my burger.  I have to admit, it was far better than I thought.  Feel free to dazzle your friends with some grilled pears on a burger.