God or Money: Which makes you more comfortable?

I'd be intimidated in a conversation if someone were to ask me, "God or money: Which makes you more comfortable?" How about you?

I've had an interesting relationship with money.  The ups and downs of this relationship comes from leading in non-profit work.  You can't just buy house, you wonder what people think if you live in too nice of a neighborhood.  You can't just buy a car, you wonder how people will respond to the brand you buy. It's almost like you operate in a bizzaro world (excuse my Seinfeld reference).  For others, these "life upgrades" are suggested signs of success.  For non-profit folks they are signs of excess or viewed as suspicious personal spending.

But the bigger danger for me is not what others think, it's what makes me comfortable.  Jesus said, "You cannot serve both God and money."  I'm learning when my eyes are set on doing good things hoping for financial reward rarely does the financial reward become the return.  Yet, when I discipline myself in personal finances and serve generously I am financially rewarded.

Now, here this!  The reward is not a massive external blessing.  The blessing is from the discipline not the reward.  Because even the smallest financial reward becomes greater when I take my personal financial discipline more seriously.  Money goes further. Every penny is taking advantage of.  "Give us this day our daily bread," is a struggle for contentment in regards to daily needs not a limitation to how I can daily serve.  When I am content I receive financial reward through discipline not a larger paycheck.

I'll finish with this: I do not believe money is evil.  Having a lot of money does not make someone a bad person.  Nor does having a lot of money mean you've spent your entire life serving money.  As twisted as it can get the modern business model is still serve people well and receive financial reward for your service.  The hardest part for me is not falling into the mindset of, "I serve people well so I deserve a reward."

I'm learning a lot about my relationship to money.  What about you? Just add your comments below!