Drop them like they're hot

How do we create a leadership culture that works like a colander?

We want a leadership culture where the valuables things stay but the items of non-value, or unnecessary things, drip out.  There are a lot of things that we might want to go: people, actions, attitudes, or habits are just a couple of items that can have a negative effect on the organization or team.

Here are some thoughts on how to develop a community where the good stays but the bad exits.

1.  Clear Expectations- If you can't define what people should do don't ask people to do something.

2.  Communication- Often. Often. Often. Often. Often. Often. Often.  (Picking up what I'm putting down?)

3.  Coach Organization- Michael Gerber brilliantly notes in The E-Myth Enteprise that it's impossible to organize people but you can organize time, space, and work. Leaders take note: that requires you to be involved enough to be able to measure how someone is organizing their time, the space they work in, and their work.  You can't judge this from a report.

4.  Develop key leaders- I've learned this from coaching football, every person needs an example of what it looks like to do "this" right.  Never let someone make you feel guilty for spending intentional time with key leaders.  Key leaders are the embodiment of the goal or vision.  Develop them, encourage them, and take time with them.

Are there other things that you have experienced being on a winning team where it was clear what it took to be a part of the team?