Destroying the System: Part 1

Today's post is going to kick off a week long discussion around when a leader recognizes that a system is no longer working.  Eventually every system will become obsolete, even the very best systems will eventually encounter a death.  Leaders have two options: 1.  To go down with the ship or 2. To call for change. Tupac knew what I'm talking about:

[youtube o8Y9-JlSRXw]

So what is a leader to do when they know a system is becoming more of a barrier than something that enables people?

Leaders have to recognize that most failures are breakdowns in process and not people failures!

Dan E. Gerber in the E-Myth Enterprise notes that relationally based enterprises are the worst at this.  Relational enterprises run on the myth that they must hire "the right" person for the job.  So when something fails, "the right person" becomes the wrong person, this creates a constant cycle of people in a position.  The relational enterprise lacks the awareness to see that the process is actually broken, not that they can't find "the right" person.

Step one to destroy the system is to stop blaming people and start evaluating where the process is breaking down.  The first step is critical, seek the place where the process is breaking down and decide to kill the current process.  Do not make the mistake that many do and turn the process into the golden calf.  Be prepared to melt that gold calf down and in it's rawest form you'll find the principles that have always made the team successful.  Return to those principles and build a new system based on the resources and tools you currently have.