Dealing with the "pouter"

Every single team I have ever been on has the "pouter".  There is always one in the group, the one who immediately pouts if they don't get what they want or if they feel like they have been treated unfairly. [youtube yZMHpjdzXq0]

That's right, 42 million views!  Scary to think that there are 42 million of us who are now that much dumber for watching.

If you're the leader of the group do you confront the "pouter"?  The "pouter" wants the attention and they want manipulate the situation to get what they want.  So what do you do as the leader?

1.  Create a boundary - Don't ever give the "pouter" what they want in a group setting. Giving them the attention they want is like dipping your smoking hand in gasoline before lighting your cigarette.  In other words, you're not helping yourself out by giving the "pouter" exactly what they want.

2.  Keep things moving - In a team setting keep things moving and working towards a goal.  Don't get distracted, instead focus on the people who are the most engaged and involve them.

3.  Confront in private - The "pouter" needs to be pulled aside in a private conversation and confronted.  Instead of getting drawn into the manipulation or drama the "pouter" is seeking re-establish your expectations for a team member and be clear.  The conversation ends with, "Can you do this as a member of this team?"

Teammates who pout are community killers, especially when a leader gives them what they want because pouters beget pouters.