Dare you to be ignorant.

Transition.  Such an ugly word.  But transition can't be ignored, it's going to happen.  All too often neither party, those transitioning out nor those transitioning in, have a great plan on how to handle the situation.  Let's start with those of you transitioning IN. The poison to those transitioning in is BLAME.  I've never heard great leaders walk into a new role and blame the person before them.  Don't do it. Obviously changes will be made in transition, you're a completely different person who does things differently.  However, in transition one saying proves true: Ignorance is bliss. I say embrace it.  Learn from it.  Every new role comes with a window of grace so why not look at that window and educate yourself.  YOU are the change, so why start making changes that may not actually benefit anyone?  I once heard a leader get some great advice: In your first year don't change more than three things.

Now let's address those of you transitioning out.  Let it be known, how a leader leaves speaks the loudest about that leader's tenure.  If you are transitioning out, take the time to form a plan on how to set up the next leader;  it's inexcusable not to do so.  Leaders who don't plan for transition can be harmful because their influence, or maybe even their presence, doesn't actually leave.  You linger, or your attitude lingers, because you don't have a clear boundary of leaving.  While transitioning out we become self focused instead of legacy focused.  What says more about your legacy then setting up the person replacing you to be more successful or as successful as they can be?  Now that's leadership.  Don't do what you've always done right up to the door hitting your...well...backside.  Create a plan that's not about you but instead for the organization and their next leader.

What has been helpful for you in leadership transition?