Creativity ain't easy

It's just not.  Relying on creativity means it hasn't been done before or you're making something significantly better.  Many will have a disdain for creativity because it doesn't have a guaranteed ROI.  What are the possible risks with creativity?

  • It could fail
  • It could lead to embarrassment
  • It doesn't turn out like you hoped
  • Limitations could be discovered
  • No guaranteed ROI
  • It could take time
  • It can become personal
  • It might not be perfect
  • It could require revisions

The "gain" to creativity is the process.  Forcing our minds past the norms we abide by daily is good for us.  It allows us to have a more open mind to what could be.  Can vision exist without a mind that dabbles in creativity?  Vision is an essential piece to our lives because it gives us a direction.  It provides the why behind what we do.  But vision is of what could be and not what currently is.

The question shouldn't be, "Can I afford to be creative, is the risk worth it."  The question should be, "Can I afford not to be creative?"