Crazy Disney mom

Have you seen this terrorizing animal?  

You would think that Disney World has become the Hunger Games, get away from the cornucopia as fast as possible!.  This monster is pushing a stroller, dragging another kid in tow, and plowing over innocent people and children.  Her kids look exhausted but she is determined that she, I mean her kids, will be on that ride so she is practically running.  She's on a mission, misery for everyone involved but she will feel like a good mother at the end of the day.  Things are not about experience, it's about accomplishment and denial of insecurity.  She thinks to herself as she plows over the family from Spain, "I must be the best mom in the park!" 

This is what we can do as leaders.  We can become a similar monster.  We get locked on what we think everyone else needs to accomplish so that we look good.  We ARE capable of doing this to the people we lead.  We become a monster driven by insecurity that will run over other people and drag others along with us in the thought of, "THEY need this!"  

No they don't.

You do.

How do we keep ourselves from becoming crazy Disney mom?

1.  Look to the interest of others before your personal interest.

2.  Get feedback from your team on goals.

3.  Focus on self disciplines instead of numbers.

4.  Stop and play occasionally.  

5.  Appreciate the experience more than the destination.

What do you do to enjoy being a leader?