Coaching Essential #5: Your place or mine? As in Goals.

I think one of the most fulfilling aspects of coaching is helping others accomplish their goals. There's no other way to say it, it's fun. We become dangerous people as leaders when we think everyone around us is there to help us accomplish our goals. Leaders with this mentality are like bad pranks. [youtube kYbpWMaI0a0]

Do you know the goals of the people on your team? Have you ever sat them in a room and had them talk about their goals? The only reason we might not like another team member's goal is because they haven't caught the vision of the company or mission and thats on us a leaders. I can promise you that people will never buy into your vision unless they are absolutely confident you are bought into them. John Maxwell says in the Law of the Buy In that people buy into leaders, then they buy into the vision of the leader. How do you get people to buy in to you as the leader? Put their goals above your own.