Christians who mix shame with social media

I'm getting perturbed. Every other month or so I see a blog post or article written by a Christian shaming other Christians for the use of social media.  Which is comical because how did I find the post or article...through social media.  I guess there was a secret election and certain people were nominated the "real" police within Christianity.  Here's their argument: Social media is DANGEROUS and BAD because it's not people's REAL life.  So don't compare how your life feels to the intoxicating fake life others are presenting in statuses, tweets, and pictures.

Shame, shame, shame.

As a card holder of the Jesus team I just SMH. (If you don't get what that means, click here and then open a Twitter account)

I'd like to know what's not real in what people are posting?  Because if an image is not real than we are in serious trouble explaining that Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God...and we don't have any pictures.  After all, how are people supposed to experience Jesus?  Oh that's right, through US!  People don't post to create a false reality, they post what matters to them.  It's the modern day version of the autobiography.  So when you take that from people and become critical of it, titling it as if it's "not real" than you are attempting to remove the the validity of the hope in those experiences.  Even worse, the message is often presented in shame.  "Shame on us for not unplugging and living "real" lives and "real" relationships."

But the issue is not what's "real", the issue is what's authentic.  Christians should be leading social media in authenticity.  Showing others what life looks like...the good and the bad.  But instead some want to yell, "Run Away!" as if  Frenchmen in a castle have catapulted a cow at us.


So let's stop finding new ways to shame those in and out of the Christian faith.  Some people are just trying to make it through the day with a small amount of hope in Jesus and they don't need anyone telling them they are fake because they took a picture of the best thing that happened to them that day and posted it on Instagram.

Instead of measuring what's real go build a well or advocate for a defenseless person.  And when you do, please share it so it inspire someone else!