Can you harvest the wind?

Have you ever driven past one of these?

As impressive as they are from the ground, they are even more so from 30,000 feet in the air.  In the middle of no where, miles and miles of massive wind turbines harvesting the power of the wind and turning it into usable energy.  

As a leader are you aware of your "wind", those things that you can harvest and turn into energy?  How long did it take us to develop the technology to create these massive turbines that capture something so common to us?  Can you imagine if we just decided to stand in the wind and not harvest it's power?  In leadership, we can make the same mistake; we choose not to harvest the power of the common pieces of our organization's mission.  Never before have we had the technology to capture the ordinary and turn into energy among our people and supporters.  Smart phones, blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and of course the internet creating the opportunity for leaders to grab the moment and share it. 

Do you stand in the breeze and never capture it?  Every single entity of your mission or team is working and creating a breeze, that butterfly effect, and our role as the leader is to be like the massive turbines capturing it, sharing that energy with everyone else.  You have to tell the story, not just with words but with video and images.  Harvest the wind in the place you lead and you'll create a new type of energy in your community.  


What are some ways you could be harvesting the wind in what you do?