Build a free website for your next event with registration

Have you ever wished you had a great looking website for an event you have coming up?  Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have a registration page on that website?  What if it looked great on mobile and people could register from their phones? You can have it all...for free! The first thing you need to know about is  Users at can build up to two sites for free.  There's no coding and the site is easy to use.  A user builds a site by dragging designated content icons to a location on the page and then including their own information.  The best part is being able to add registration for the event using a Google Docs Form.  Here is a video explaining how to help you set up a Google Docs Form.

[youtube 9VBGSaB3URs]

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Once you have the Form created, go over to and set the site up.  

I created two quick videos for a friend the other day and I thought I would share them here to help you as well!

[youtube Y_NoWsGfNks]

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[youtube q3k5A_fMviw]

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What else could you do with this!?

Here's an example of one for Young Life: