Are you the leader we've all been waiting for online?

There is nothing more unattractive to people online than a leader who constantly self promotes. Nothing.

People would prefer self promoting leaders spend more time with a mirror than their Twitter account.

What does revolutionary leadership look like online?  Revolutionary leadership looks like a leader who spends time online in order to learn how she can serve people better.  It looks like a leader who wants to notice what's happening in the lives of others more than share what's happening in her own life.  It also looks like a leader who actually participates through responding and commenting on what they see happening in the lives of others instead of just posting what she wants others to know.

The same goes for an organizations attempt to have leadership online.  There must be real people who represent the organization and they must have the eyes to see as much as the desire to be seen.

Are you this leader?  Are you the one we've all been waiting for?