Are you engaged?

Most leaders would say, "I want to be engaging." I think leaders mean it in the way that Merriam-Webster defines it as a transitive verb on 5 A and B (Click to see definition). We want to hold the attention of people. Our organizations want to hold the attention of people. As leaders we want this with our teams, but have we stopped to look up from our work and notice what holds the attention of the people we lead? Without A there is no B, yet we want to hold the attention of the people so that they will be induced to participate. See, this is where leaders are asking the wrong questions when it comes to being involved in social media. Leaders will lean towards the thinking of, "Will people pay attention to me if I put effort into social media?" We are so accustomed to leading the charge that we think all eyes are supposed to be on us. But it's time for us to bring the backwards-ness (I made up that word) of the Gospel to social media. Leaders should be asking, "Do I see what's important to the people I lead on social media? Am I engaged in the place where the people I lead are sharing their lives? Do I see what has them burning with passion on social media?" This is the Gospel, not that we are trying to influence people to believe what we believe, but that we are sharing life with them.

This is how people in leadership are dropping the ball with social media. They think, "I don't want to have to put in the work so that people can see me," instead of putting in the time so they can say, "I see YOU and what YOU are doing is significant!"

Leaders, I have to ask you: are you engaged? Is your attention on the lives of your people and are you induced to participate in their lives? Or is everything about you?

Do you see organizations or leaders who are engaging the lives of their people? Please share if you do!