Are you being developed?

I hear from people in a broad spectrum of professions that don't feel like they are being developed. What can you do when you feel this way? Here are some ideas. 1. Read - Reading is what pushes your mind, imagination, and heart to new places. As much as I'd like to have a strong argument on the topic I can't do better than the words of Justin Zoradi's guest post on Donald Miller's blog.

2. Ask to be mentored - Always keep watch for someone you highly respect in your field of work. YOU have to initiate the relationship. High capacity leaders are already involved in the lives of lots of people so don't sit around waiting to be asked.

3. Selective Tweets - A small amount of time on Twitter identifying people who share creative ideas will help you become a better leader. Look for blog authors who write valuable content often. See who they communicate directly to, who they retweet, and who's ideas they are sharing. You will find a network of people around your professional field that are sharing revolutionary ideas.

4. Create a small group - Organize a small group of people who will meet once a week or every other week. This time doesn't necessarily need to be built around specific subject but it does need to be consistant. You might be the only one who shows up a couple of times but then you can just get a head start reading the valuable new information you are finding on Twitter.

Are there other ways you are finding to develop yourself?