Are you a taker?

Takers take. That's what they do.

From the time they get up to the time they go to bed, every second is invested to consuming.  They want to take your attention.  They want to take your time.  They want to take your social life.  They want to take your thoughts.

The root of the taker is insecurity that breeds the idea that consumption equals becoming full.  The harsh truth is that consumption begets greater consumption.  Consumption leaves the taker empty in the end.  No peer group, church, job, relationship, hobby, work out regime, nor anything else will help the taker become full.

On the other end is the servant.  The servant is not working for themselves, instead they know who they serve and why they serve.  If you are unclear on who you are serving and a plan on how to serve, well, you're probably a taker.