Are you a great volunteer?

Are you an all-star volunteer?

As someone who has worked with a lot of volunteers here is a list of what makes up an all-star volunteer.

1.  Loves the mission- The best volunteers are involved because they love the values and methods of the mission.

2.  Bring ideas- Great volunteers help us get better and they bring great ideas.  The downside of this is when a volunteer is married to their idea and it becomes a deal breaker for them.

3.  Trainable- The best volunteers receive coaching and have a desire to have a great impact.  Without training the mission identity gets lost in the individual identity.

4.  Mission before community- A dangerous volunteer is one that comes to you with a list of things they are hoping to get out of their service.  The most dangerous on the list is relationships for themselves.  The greatest communities are mission minded about relationships and not relationally minded about mission.

5.  Great communicators- Volunteers who initiate communication demonstrate that they are all in.  The volunteer who constantly has to be reminded is stressful and distracting.

What else makes up a great volunteer to you?