An open letter to the control freak inside of us.

What's control costing us? It robs people of emotional energy. They get really excited about new ideas, but then we suck the wind out of their sails with our need for control. The mission becomes mine instead of ours. With control at the helm, they will have to wait until we retire or pass away before they make an impact.

A loss of emotional energy means less excitement to go do the work. Every detail becomes monotonous. People jump ship early because they want to work for someone that values connectedness and participation. Constant monitoring and boundaries might reduce risk, but it will also reduce your work force.

Worst of all, people are watching everything move forward around them except what they are most passionate about. They say, "We are all in and sold out to this cause, but it has to be your way or nothing." They want to move forward on technology but that, too, just becomes one more thing you need to control. 

In the words of Seth Godin, I say to control, "please stop stealing dreams."