5 ways to increase your volume on social media

As leaders we have never had a communications resource like social media.  The reach is far wider than any mailing, email, or advertisement.  Although we can use any of the previous forms of communication on a mass scale they still don't have the same reach as social media.

So how do we "amp" up a social media campaign?

1.  Look for maximum attention: When is your big event?  What's something your team or organization does often that provides energy to your fly wheel?  These are the moments we have to share.

2.  Create a strategy:  When there is a maximum attention opportunity leaders rarely focus on the entire tribe.  After all, the event is a big deal and it has to be quality.  That's what makes it a maximum attention opportunity.  However, someone has to be sharing the story with your entire audience and not just to those who are able to attend.  So have a strategy that consists of "who" will be sharing, "how often" will they be sharing, and across "what" mediums of social media will sharing happen.

3.  Use videos or images: In case you haven't woken up in 2012, we are a image driven culture.  People have to SEE what is happening, not just read about it.

4.  Be consistant:  The great challenge online is not getting someone's attention but keeping someone's attention.  If people know when to expect more information they will be looking for it.  But if they go looking for it because they thought there was a pattern and they don't receive any new information, they will move on to something else that grabs their attention.

5.  Comment back:  You are not a news agency!  You are a body of people doing significant things.  So act human and respond!  Social media is a conversation so make sure you are conversation!

What would you add to this list to amp up a social media campaign?