5 Ways to develop your core

No.  I'm not talking about your abs. I'm talking about the people around you that are your high impact people.  People that are progressing across leadership lines, they naturally take on things to improve the performance of the team.

What are you doing to develop your core?

Core development doesn't happen without intentionality.  I've learned that you want a strong core for times of growth, crisis, hardships, and at the ground level.  The more I try to do everything the less gets done.

What steps can you take to develop a core group of people?

1.  Invite people in - I've never had anyone ask me if they can be on a special team that focuses on high output.

2.  Cast vision - People need to know why the core team exists, what purpose do they and it serve.

3.  Give ownership - Take the training wheels off and let go of the bike.  I learned to delegate if another person can do something 80% as well as I could I should delegate it.

4.  Give feedback - Be a coach, it's that important.

5.  Allow room for change - If core members are developing then they will want to see changes be made.  Allow them the opportunity unless it violates the Core principals of the mission.

What have you learned about leading a core group of people?  Please leave your comments below.