4 ways to bring your non-profit into 2014

I strongly believe the ground is moving under the non-profit world. There are newer, leaner, more efficient non-profits popping up every day that have a global reach. How are they doing it?

They are doing it because they start inside a new working infrastructure. They are starting with high speed wireless internet in an app based world unlike many non-profits started prior to 1990, which currently dominate the fundraising landscape. They appear innovative but all they have done is start within a modern context so they are not confined to recreating older systems.

Some non-profits are struggling to keep up with the times.  Are we talking about you here? If so, here are four ways to jump into 2014 with your non-profit.

The office - What’s the point anymore? If you’re paying for wifi at an office and for wifi at home, don’t you feel like you’re waisting money on one of those fronts? I learned yesterday there are co-op office spaces you can rent by the day if you need to have a place to focus for as little as $15. Not to mention some of my favorite remote office spaces like Panera, the public library, and 100 other coffee shops in a city offering free wifi.

File cabinet - If file cabinets are still your main source of keeping information you’re making life hell for your replacement. In 2014 go paperless. Take advantage of cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc… Or go get a terabyte external hard drive and begin the process of moving every document that matters to digital. Plus, this will help you move out of the office and be able to work from anywhere.

Conference Calls - The conference call is still a good idea but there are better ways to do it. Google Hangout and services like Skype or Zoom.us have changed the way we can actually see each other for a face to face conversation instead of wondering if Bobby has his line on mute while he plays Candy Crush durring the call.

Large, formal fundraisers - I’m not telling you throw away the piggy bank, I’m just making a suggestion you spend some time looking into and researching CrowdFunding to ADD TO your event strategy. Here is an article from Forbes on the top 10 CrowdFunding sites. I used FundEasy.com in 2013 to increase revenue for a fundraising event and it exceeded my expectations! Help your tribe raise money for your organization in a NEW way.

Is there anything you would add or had success with in 2013 that others should consider doing in 2014? Please leave a comment below!