3 places to go to be a better leader

Leadership is a gift as well as an art.  Like many things, if you refuse to practice a personal gifting than you never develop to your full potential.  If you are like me you have seasons you want to get better and seasons you want to lie down and rest.  Leaders are capable of recognizing seasons.  If you don't recognize seasons you will assume your current state is permanent, so that rest season could become a retirement season.

If you're a leader who is feeling like it's time to hang it up, here are three places you can go to get back to improving as a leader.

1.  Go serve - The core leadership is the heart to serve people.  If we sit still our world becomes only about us and our limited perception of our current environment.  Go serve people.

2.  Go where other leaders meet - This might be a mentor group. It might be a leadership conference.  Find a place where other leaders are pursuing the right to be a better leader and sharing what they have learned.

3.  Go to the library - Go to your local library or book store and find the leadership section.  Start reading leadership literature.  You can't produce what you don't have so find a way to learn new things.

The world is full of people who refuse to lead.  Don't be a spectator when you have the gift of leadership.