10 reasons why things aren't getting better

1.  You're continuing to do things you're not gifted at. 2.  The fear of new keeps you from trying it.

3.  You are rarely consistant in the most important things.

4.  You lack the emotional intelligence to recognize how people receive you.

5.  You value being right more than the thoughts of others.

6.  Your meetings are as exciting as getting stabbed in the eye by a trained monkey with a thousand needles.

7.  You need the relationship with teammates more than the teammates need a relationship with you.

8.  You manage people instead of cast a vision and live it out.

9.  You break this rule, "The team your on is more important than the team you lead."  Translation: You talk poorly about about the people leading at the same level as you to your team.

10.  You do everything by the book.